IMPIAN PALING TERBESAR!!  Takkan sesekali membiarkan impian ini terkubur lamanya.  Ini semua azam aku. Takde kena-mengena dengan hidup/mati.  Aku takkan menyerah kalah kerana masalah kewangan!

BARANGAN BOBOIBOY  Here my dreams! I had got it since last year (2013). It's already enough. Now, my target are..
This my first collection in year 2013

HUAWEI ASCEND P7  ( NEWEST SMARTPHONE! )  It's the new smartphone of Huawei's brand. The budget to buy it is $1,499. Who's guess?
In mood.. I'll try it to get this smartphone!
No matter what's happen! Must I get it!

MELAWAT MEKAH  This is I always dream for my beloved parent! In Shaa Allah.. I'll flight to Mekah if I can do..
"No matter what's happen. Even I've many trouble or problem.
I'm sure that means I must approve it and can achieve this dream!"

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