22 Oktober 2014

My Work Still In 90% (WIP)

  Today, I'm gonna to update the entry that I am not writen after 30 August until now. It's hard to say coz' I'm really busy on my PT3's exam on this year. I cant get the free time to benefit my favourite hobby *my English writing looks like broken, right? Hhahaha.. I had edited my own design on my beloved blog. Thats designs are so cool. I was working it from Sunday until now. How a difficult to change these all designs!

  Yesterday, I was listened the English song that very awesome! The chorus of this song 'cartoon heroes and it's also  the name of this song. The theme of this song about all cartoon. Such as Spiderman, Batman, Cinderella, Snow White and all English cartoon. You can listen in the youtube. Just type 'Cartoon Heroes by Aqua'. Maybe you think the singer of this song is the child but you'll be see the truth of it!

  Oh, yeay! I forgot something. My design of blog was not finish. It still 90% to to get ready. But, I was open it so early to update the entry and share any interesting story. Now, I also busy to finish my manuscript. I had reject all my old manuscript coz' they're not interesting story. It looks like the same plot with the 'drama'. I want to secret the title of my first manuscript until it has be a novel that can all reader to enjoy the reading! Just here I wanna write it! See you soon, guys!

p/s : My English glosary was broken -.- Harharhar! #batch99freedom

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