24 Oktober 2014

Liebster Award

あ. Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
い. Answer the 11 questions asked.
う.  Nominate 11 other bloggers with smaller followers but with lots of potential.*just answer only
え. Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer. notify your nominee.
*just answer only
*Tagged by Fara_nym-chan // Thanks so much forever!

あ.  Have you ever feel like 'you' were abandoned?
  Yes, I had felt it. But, it all does not matter. Most importantly, The Creator (Allah SWT) and our families are never left we. Actually, I do not care if my friends leave me like that. It's okay. Furthermore, when we are die, it's not to accompany, right? Be alone, right?

い. What do you want? (hountouni want * nak sangat)
  I want to Huawei P7, collect all items of BoBoiBoy, school in an animation school and visit to Mecca/Kaabah. That's all that I very much to want! I do not care if I cant get the lappy, new bags or others.. it's okay. But, there are four of my dreams that must I get it!

う.  You already seen my blog right? What do you think of me?
  I think you are an otaku. Your blog is full of the story of the anime. I salute it (tabik hormat)!

え. How did  you express your feelings?
   I express them in a way to pray and write in the diary only. No need to tell it to others.

か. What do you think if an otaku meet a kpoper and a directioner?
   Just dont know it? Think of it not exist? I do not know .. I'm not one of them. Harharhar !!

き. Do you Love to draw? if you do, why? if you don't then why?
   Yes, of course! I must like it. I love it because it is my second hobby! Drawing also teaches us to sketch the beautiful scenery to be enjoyed and appreciated. Characters of painting was able to give us peace and fulfill drawing a blank space.

く. Babies or children ? which one do you most prefer to take care of? Why?
   I like to keep the baby but loves to play with children. For baby and child is different characters. The reason that I say why I like to take care of baby? Because.. baby is cute, sitting quietly, unnaughty and he/she likes to smile always.

け. Type of song that you like?
  Nasheed! Yes, nasheed is my most favorite song(s). I also love the song pitched of melodious tunes and upbeat as Jaga Dia Untukku, Cartoon Heroes and others.

こ. Whats on your mind right now? (random. no thinking on this time) Honest please~
  About my dreams are still scanned since morning. That dream give me an implicit message. Yes, a dream warning! *dream = mimpi

さ. If you have 'travel' all of my blog, since when I'm an Otaku? If you don't, what was your expression and thought when the first time you took a look of my blog?
  Yes, I'm quite happy. I had know it that you are really fanatic it and you are also an otaku. It's not impossible that your blog is theme of anime, right?

し. What type omy blog when the first time you get in.(zaman purple dulu / zaman hijau skang ni). What do you think of my blog. Comment my blog ..Onegai! (please) and be Honest please~
   The world of green and the theme of otaku/anime!

3 ulasan:

Fara_nym | Hyoukurona berkata...

thanks sebab sudi jawab liebster award Fara yang penuh\ dengan typo di situ. Anyway, otaku tetap otaku dan bbb fan tetap bbb Fan:D Fara tak tau lah sejak bila perangai otaku datang bali lepas bbb tak keluar ep baru. Hopefully keluar nanti. oh ya, I'm an otaku since 2010( lama sudah) xD keep it up with you blog!

Ikin'Asyiqin Aminuddin berkata...

Oh yeah? >.< You're very an otaku-chan! I also like an anime but not an otaku. Just a simple fan. I like an anime so much since last year and started watching it since I was in Standard 5. First anime I had watched was Detective Conan (meintatei conan). XD >3< Harharhar!! After that I'm going to watch BOBOIBOY.. then I have been a fanatic fan of BOBOIBOY's animation //

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